ZZZ 2018 Conference

Registration Opening July 10th

A Continuing Conversation study group invites you to join them

in Peoria, Illinois — November 8-10, 2018 — for a regional conference.

Our theme this year is

“Good Things Take Time: Education to be thorough must be a gradual training.”


Starting November 8, we have a choice between two Pre-Conference Immersion Sessions: either with Sursum Corda community learning leaders, or a Beginner’s Track.

We will continue, then, to be inspired by many speakers including:

Penny Gardner, national speaker & published author;

Kelli Christenberry, CMI board member & education mentor;

Joy Shannon; Marcia Mattern; Shannon Whiteside; and others.


We will take the time to gradually learn more about all things Charlotte Mason, from philosophy to practical immersions, Plutarch to Art Appreciation, and Nature Study to Handwriting.

 Come learn with us at A Continuing Conversation’s Regional Conference.

We look forward to seeing you in November!




Need more? Join our local group:

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Come & be encouraged as we learn more about the applied
philosophy & methods of Charlotte Mason