Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

Thursday |  November 8, 2018

9am-2:30pm | Pre-conference Immersion. Separate fee

5pm-7pm | Open House at the home of one of our members

7pm-9pm |  Introduction to Charlotte Mason: Her Philosophy and Methodology with Kelli Christenberry and LeAnn Burkholder at Bethany Baptist

Friday | November 9, 2018

8:30am | Registration begins 

*feel free to skip sessions to enjoy God’s nature, foster relationships, or to narrate to a friend or yourself about a session you attended.

9am -10:15am | Welcome Plenary (with Hymn and Folk Song)

  • Plenary with Penny on Charlotte Mason Approach to Education. Language Arts

10:30am-11:30am | Workshop 1 (all lecture)

  • Mason Education in the Upper Years Joy Shannon
  • Mason’s Influences and Current Research Shannon Whiteside
  • CM approach in the Sunday School Rachel Fitch
  • Handicrafts: A beckoning doorway Amy Feidler

11:45am-1pm | Lunch Break

1pm-2pm | Afternoon Occupations 

  • Nature Walk – Handicraft – Rest

2pm-2:45pm | Immersions (20 min lesson and 20 min discussion)

  • Poetry with Monica Watson
  • Family Solfa with Alison Meuth
  • Italics with Penny Gardner
  • Plutarch’s Lives with Vanessa Burhorn

3pm-4pm | Folk Dancing with Susan Unsicker

4:15pm-5:15pm | Round Table Discussions

  • Education as Atmosphere  with Jessica Feliciano
  • Mother Culture with Teri Myers

5:15pm-6:45pm | Dinner Break

7pm-8pm | Evening Plenary

  • Plenary with Penny Gardner on CM Approach to Ed:  How to Use Living Books and Narration to Teach History, Geography, Math, and Science

8:15pm-9pm | Folk Songs around Campfire (organized by Kelli Rummel)

Saturday | November 10, 2018

8am-11am | Coffee 

9am -10:15am | Welcome Plenary (with Hymn and Folk Song)

  • Plenary with LeAnn Burkholder on The Rhythm of Our Days 

10:30am-11:30am | Workshop  (lectures)

  • Narration and How to Use It with Shannon Whiteside
  •  Leading Down Winding Trails with Mr. Amstutz *especially for dads
  • Citizenship and Everyday Morals Vanessa Burhorn
  • A Dynamic Duo: Nature Journaling and Art Appreciation Penny Gardner

11:30am -1:00pmLunch Break  & Afternoon Occupations

  • Free time for Nature walk, Handicraft, Rest

1pm-2pm | Round Tables Discussion

  • Education as Atmosphere with Jessica Feliciano
  • Mother Culture with Teri Meyer

2:15pm-3pm | Immersions  (20 minute lesson & 20 minute discussion)

  • Living the Liturgical Year with Steve Mattern
  • Brush Drawing with Catherine Mattern & Marcia Mattern
  • Curwin Piano Instruction with Kelli Rummel

3:15pm-4:30pm | Ending Plenary 

  • Plenary with Joy Shannon on An Outward Focus