Study Group

A Continuing Conversation

Come Learn, Consider  & Discuss

the Vital Ideas in Living Books,
the Wonder of the Sciences,
the Pageantry of History,
a Wide & Varied Curriculum,
& Living in a Right Relationship with God, Others & Creation.

A Natural and Rich Approach for All Ages!

What are we reading now?

 Join us anytime!

Whether you are a new or experienced homeschooler, and no matter what curriculum you use, this book will provide vision, wisdom, and inspiration for you as a parent and teacher. It’s THE classic intro to Charlotte Mason, so it’s a great time to come if you’re new to the Mason Philosophy, and it’s a great time to invite a friend! (And if you’re not new, it’s always a good time to pause and reorient yourself to the basics of this applied methodology!) We’d love to see you! 

When Children Love to Learn 

by Elaine Cooper

The Story of Charlotte Mason 

by Essex Cholmondley

It's never to late to join. Everyone is welcome!

Our Study Group Meets: 

4th Tuesdays | 7PM – 9PM

Bethany Baptist Church

7422 N. Heinz Lane, Peoria, Illinois